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Bringing FAMILY Entertainment to you away from the Big City lights AND Big City prices. In other words...more for less. Let us manage your entertainment career or your venue.

Why CIRCLE 21?

Funny you should ask; Circle 21's Management is committed to Family, Quality, Affordability and, most importantly...FUN!

Our Future

We are planning an incredible array of events for 2017, BUT, look to 2018 as our BREAKOUT YEAR with many more exciting events for you AND your FAMILY. Children performances, Political Guest Symposiums, many Concerts with names you will recognize, smaller venue up close and personal guest interactions, Flea Markets, Auto Collector Events , Ladies Dayz Out as well as Sports Memorabilia Markets. This is the SHORT list of UPCOMING EVENTS. COME BACK TO GET NEW TICKET EVENTS HERE!!!

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Tickets and Upcoming Events


It happened and we missed you! What a GREAT evening of EWA Wrestling magic! The crowd included family friends and neighbors. Bring your family to our next match. WHAT'S NEXT???  Our next EWA event will be a CAGE MATCH, the day before school Holiday of President's day, FEBRUARY  18th, 2018 at 7:00PM Sportsman Hall. Tickets on sale December 1, 2017

2018 IS ON FIRE!!!

2018 IS OUR INAUGURAL SEASON!!! We are arranging the schedule for 2018  with quite a few surprises including a major Concert Tour, several Broadway Musical productions, concerts here in the Mid-Atlantic region, and plenty of family entertainment including EWA Wrestling!

Preparing our HOME VENUE

In order to bring the very best to Baltimore County, we are negotiating a home venue where we can produce the VERY BEST Family Entertainment  for our community and surrounding communities. We are choosing our location carefully, we aim to please!

We LOVE booking events into local Venues. Gotta nice setting for events and nothing booked? Call us!

We know how to "Book'em Danno"...Call Jerry to discuss providing income for your space. 

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